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Stories from the Middle

Ep.1 The truth or imagination?

All Men by nature desire
to know

Aristotle 350 BC

The imagination, is not a state: it is the human existence itself

William Blake 1799

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Stories from the Middle

Ep.1 What is true? What is not? And does it matter?

We are all looking for the truth

Take a stand, show your colors


Information is power

The Information we search for in proving a point is not the information we need to resolve the conflict. Look for other information.

To know, to stand, to do

– What do we know?
– Stand point is standing still
– What do you do? Action driving elements

Translation of the dynamics into game dynamics, what is the role of information in the story/and the interventions

Other information: body, values, lost knowledge, middle knowledge..

Staying open to other sources of information.

I did something else than I would have in real life.

I was much braver.

Expert playsessions


A future scenario about the fickleness of information, with illustrations.
Tab with iterations and photos and quotes that support the story
Tab with literature snippets
Tab with long read article
Future story