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Hi, so you have seen my work at the WDKA graduation show or you are the receiver of my postcard.
Either way, I hope you liked it and you are here to find out more. 
You can either find out more about the workshops and plays I created together with experts and participants below. 
Here I am also sharing my research and findings.

Or contact me if you are interested to receive an invitation to a playsession or are looking for a custom made experience.
I hope to meet you soon.

Kind regards and thanks for being here, 

Esther Verhamme


Get in touch:

Or let’s connect on LinkedIn 


Polaris is a simulation game to make the dynamics of polarisation understandable and tangible.
The game lasts 2 hours and can be played by a group of at least 15 people.
Click here to find out more about this game

futuRe MeMoRies

This workshop is a system constellation where you as a group can rehearse a future scenario and see what that does to and with your team.
The scenarios can be customized based on what you and your team want to rehearse.
What are the implications of certain desicions? How do we move forward and how do we move backward?
click here to find out more about this workshop